Sanskrut classes

An open invitation to all to learn the Sanskrut language of our eternal and universal Vedic scriptures. Everyone is welcome to join the classes anytime – absolute beginners to advanced masters; children and adults. Come and experience at least once. Please spread the message!

We have been running Sanskrut classes since 2003. These are on line post Covid

For exam purposes we are accredited with and use the materials of St James Independent Schools. For more information please visit and feel free to browse. Sitting for the exams is not essential but is very important as it positively supports the system of excellent international examinations and thereby, ensures that the University of Cambridge International Examinations Board continues with these world-wide exams for the benefit of all students in the future. Each exam student makes a vital contribution and significant addition to the world-wide numbers

The classes are run by teachers on a purely voluntary basis. There are no charges except for the cost of recommended textbooks and exam fees.


For further information please contact:

Jayesh: email or mobile 07944 563905