Hindi classes

Hindi classes for children (5 years and over are run online at present), we look forward to returning to the VHP ilford mandir at some point in future. 

Those looking from elsewhere and aboard may find it more useful to contact Hindi Samiti to which we are associated for details on other centres across the UK and aboard. 

Also adults wishing to learn should contact Hindi Samiti as we are unable to operate classes for them as present.

Classes run on Saturdays from 10.30am to 11.30am via google meet.

Classes usually break for Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays. We generally do not break for half term in order to keep the momentum of fun and learning going. 

Classes are free of charge; students need only come with an inquisitive mind and equip themselves with an exercise book and writing materials (and colour pencils for younger children). Teachers may use textbooks to assist in teaching.

We may from time to time ask for voluntary donations to support resources etc. for our classes.

VHP Ilford Hindu Mandir
43 Cleveland Road
Ilford, Essex