Class Guidelines

VHP Hindi Classes Guidelines

Namaste and Swagatam to students and parents

The aim of our classes is to allow our children and adults to learn Hindi speaking/reading/writing in a friendly relaxed environment.


Classes run on Saturdays   – Start 10.30 am to -12.00 midday. Please arrive by 10.20 am so everyone is settled and we can begin prayers promptly . Lateness causes disturbance to the teachers & students as well as reducing learning time for your child. 

Classes will run termly with breaks for Christmas, Easter & Summer. We generally do not break for half term.

Classes & Structure of lessons

We operate a numbers of classes at various levels from beginners to GSCE level. Students are assessed into which class they belong. Success/progress in learning Hindi is dependent on your support, the teachers only have around one hour teaching a week. Students need to be encouraged in integrate Hindi in their normal lives through homework support and general conversations and not just for classes on Saturday.

Helping the classes run smoothly and safely

The success of these classes is dependent all of us. Our teachers and organisers are all volunteers so please assist them by following the operational guidelines below:

  1. We expect students to attend each week, should your child not be able to attend a specific week(s) please let your teacher know in advance if possible. If students do not attend for 3 consequent weeks without notification they may not be allowed back in . Also they must attend consistently, irregular attendance may lead to removal as well.
  2. Home work – please ensure your child does their homework, and try and talk to your child’s teacher at least twice a term in regard to progress.
  3. Contact details – as well as completion of the contact forms, all students should record their parent’s name and emergency contact number in the front of their child’s exercise book. Teachers are also requested to leave their contact details on the same page.
  4. If you chose to stay in the mandir/hall please do not cause disturbances/ to the classes. Also avoid chatting when someone is addressing the students during discussions.
  5. Mobile phones- everyone should avoid the use of mobile phones when classes have begun and until the end of classes i.e. after prayers. Should you need to use your mobile please do the outside the hall if possible.
  6. Often discussions are held at after prayers and we encourage participation but please listen when others are speaking. Older children and adults need to set example to younger children.
  7. Parents are welcome to join us for end of class for prayers; this is also a time announcements are made which otherwise might be missed.
  8. Children should be picked up promptly from the hall rather than waiting outside the mandir any exceptions need to be agreed with class teacher.
  9. Children should avoid climbing stacks of chairs. Running around is not encouraged unless it is supervised.
  10. Please keep shoes in designated areas, eg on entrance to mandir please use the shoe racks provided. If you enter via side of new hall at back please leave shoes on racks at back.
  11. Students should stay within the hall classes are . It is important they do not go into the new buildings or the area outside without permission or supervision.
  12. Other events/functions –  from time to time students may take part in other activities that are organised by us or other parties. If your child is taking part then must be able to attend extra classes/practice sessions notified by person leading the function.
  13. Car Parking – car parking is limited in the mandir so should only be used if you are staying in the mandir during classes. It should not be used to drop kids and go shopping. After Hindi classes there are usually Sanskrut and Hinduism classes so please leave spaces for them.


Who to talk to?

  • Child’s progress – please talk to child’s teacher.
  • Suggestions/enquires/issues about generally running of the classes speak either, Sitlaji or Sanjay or e: mail you for your continued support


  • VHP Hindi class teachers & organisers